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The REEF tidal power concept endorsed by a new Atkins-Rolls Royce report commissioned by DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change)

After controversy over the previous government awarding a study into the REEF concept to consultants Atkins and aero-engine makers Rolls Royce, the originators of the concept, Evans Engineering, are delighted to now have independent confirmation that the REEF concept is both valid from a hydraulic perspective as well as being on track to become the most environmentally friendly solution for capturing tidal energy in sensitive areas. The report recently published by DECC prior to the spending review goes on to say that a REEF type system could capture up to 50% more energy than the now dismissed barrage.

Much has been written about the demise of the Cardiff-Weston Severn Barrage, the environmentally damaging proposal that the REEF was designed to replace, but it has not been generally understood that the REEF project is very much alive and well. Fresh enthusiasm and the prospect of major private finance is pushing this proposal towards being the largest 'green energy project' in Europe and what could be described as the largest 'Machine on Earth' (probably the only machine that could be seen with the naked eye from space)

Work is now proceeding with forming a consortium, working up the designs and detailed discussions with all interested parties.

Severn Tidal Reef design by Evans Engineering

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Those wishing to be involved from an early stage should contact:

Rupert Armstrong Evans of Evans Engineering

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